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Things To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Venue

Wedding is one of the most cherished events of one’s life. From selecting the right life partner to the appropriate attire to getting the hair & make-up right – there’s a lot that goes on in planning a perfect wedding. One of the most daunting tasks while you chart a wedding is to zero in on the perfect venue to conduct a wedding. Given below is the list of things that you should keep in mind before you lock in a destination to host your big fat Indian wedding.

1. Banquet Hall

The banquet hall should be spacious, properly illuminated and ventilated so as to accommodate all the guests. In order to gauge the size of the hall, a prior visit to the location well before your D Day is a must. Another great idea is to prepare a guest list well in advance so as to ensure that all the wedding guests are invited. This will give you a fair idea before you book a banquet hall. This will also help you keep a tab on all your wedding expenses.

2. Hospitable Environment

The hotel staff should be cordial and it should be alert to the needs of the guests. Also, there should be sufficient number of employees – be those waiters, helpers, chefs, and drivers. However, ‘too many chefs spoil the broth’, as the famous English proverb goes. So, have just the right number of hotel staff.

3. Décor

The décor is usually designed by the hotel staff. These days designing the décor according to the colours of the wardrobe of the bride and groom is in vogue. Complementing flowers, curtains and lights makes the event a night to remember for the couple. At the same time, the wedding hall must have ample number of comfortable chairs and tables, a sturdy stage, a large mandap and big screen panels airing the live scenes from the wedding or pictures of the couple.

4. Entertainment Quotient

“Matches are made in heaven”, they say. However, weddings are not just the union of two souls; they are also about the bond of two families. So, it is imperative to break the ice between the two sides. This is where entertainment comes in. Choosing a venue with a DJ, having folk performers could make your ceremonies stand out from the others.

5. Good Food

Weddings are remembered as much for the pomp & show as they are for their culinary delights. Choosing a venue offering delectable food and beverages cooked in a hygienic environment is a must. Taste a few dishes before finalizing the venue, and then choose a venue with multi-cuisine options. Having two to three live cooking counters is a great way to ensure the quality of the products being served.

6. Hotel Rooms

The venue must have easily accessible washrooms that are spic and span. Also, there should be an adjoining lounge near the banquet hall where the visitors waiting for the baraat or their cars can wait. The venue should also have rooms where weary guests can stay if they get delayed or have their own little after-party.

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