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Places of Interest in Rajkot

The city of Rajkot is known for its vibrancy. Splendid temples, fascinating museums, thrilling adventurous parks and alluring caves dating back to prehistoric times – all make this city unique. In fact, the verve and vibe of this city rubs off like a wildfire amongst its visitors. Keeping this in mind, we have catalogued brief information on the list of interesting places that you must visit when you are in Rajkot to soak in the mood of this city:

Swaminarayan Temple

Established by Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, the Swaminarayan Temple is one of the most renowned places in Rajkot. Intricately carved stone walls adorn this exquisite temple. As you enter the temple premises, you will be mesmerized to see a stunning white idol of Lord Swaminarayan. The tranquil ambience of this temple is ideally suited to indulge in moments of deep introspection and to rain in some inner peace while you get drenched in a shower of divine blessings.

Rotary Midtown Doll’s Museum

Rotary Midtown Doll’s Museum is a famed place for its rich collection of ethnic dolls, some of which belong to various parts of the globe. Each doll mirrors a rich culture, heritage and tradition of the region that it belongs to. Not only is this a captivating experience for the children, it is also a fun place for adults as they get an opportunity to take a walk down the memory lane and relive the precious moments of their childhood.

Pradhyuman Zoological Park

Housing innumerable endangered and vulnerable species of flora and fauna, the Pradhyuman Zoological Park is a wildlife buff’s delight! Rare lions from the dense forest cover of Gir, crocodiles, blackbucks, sambhar – all are regular visitors to this park. Gardens play grounds, rentable golf carts and its proximity to Lalpari and Randarda Lakes make this place exciting for the visitors.

Khambhalida Buddhist Caves

Unearthed by the eminent archeologist, P. P. Pandya, these limestone caves are believed to be ancient Buddhist sites. These three colossal caves depict an exemplary craftsmanship. The central ‘chaitya’ is home to a stunning chaitya having two sculptures of Boddhisattvas on either side. Another captivating image is that of Padmapani who is seen resting under the shadow of a large tree along with his female companion and attendants. Equally impressive is the image of Vajrapani who is seen in a similar position.

Kabha Gandhi No Delo

Reputed to be the primary home of the father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi – this site is often frequented by tourists. It offers a rich glimpse into Mahatma Gandhi’s early days. Built in a Saurashtrian architectural style, it is bedecked with arched gateways and courtyards. It consists of quite a few original items related to Mahatma Gandhi such as photographs and his personal belongings. The place is a delight for all the history lovers.
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