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Why Mysore is Called Sandalwood City?

The spectacular city of Mysore is known for its rich heritage, dazzling culture and a vibrant sheen. Known for the stunning palaces and the regal vibe that this city adorns, the quaint town of Mysore has a charisma of its own. While the city is famous for a wide array of things including superb wooden carvings, Mysore silk saris and Mysore Paak, the city is famous as ‘India’s Sandalwood City’. There are more such fascinating details about this city, which this blog seeks to highlight.

It is widely believed that the city got its name after Mahishasura, the buffalo demon who was known to adopt different forms and harass the local population, was slayed by Goddess Durga over here. This is why the festival of Dussehra is celebrated on a very large scale with jubilation and zeal in this city.

Another interesting fact about this city is that it boasts of a rich history. Thus, the city has witnessed numerous chapters of history unfold – from being ruled by the Wodeyar dynasty to being ruled by Haider Ali and his son, Tipu Sultan, two of the most eminent personalities in the history of India’s freedom struggle. Eventually, the brave heart lost his life to the British in the fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1799 and power was finally restored in the hands of the Wodeyar dynasty.

Till date, this dynasty enjoys a privileged status in the city and is believed to participate in the royal Dusshehra Celebrations that take place in the Mysore Palace every year. Representing a fine blend of Indo-saracenic style of architecture, the Mysore Palace is surrounded by a large garden, two grand durbar halls, the Golden Throne known for its beautiful engravings, a private hall, Doll’s Pavilion, an octagonal marriage hall and the Shveta Varaha Swami temple. This palace is situated with lose proximity to Royal Orchid Metropole Hotel. This 5 star grand heritage Hotel is the ultimate destination to be spoilt for choice and to be treated like a royal. It represents the fusion of the charm of the old world things, which were originally built by the former Maharaja of Mysore in 1920 with chic contemporary designs.

While there are plenty of things that this city is famous for, it’s interesting to note that the city is called the ‘Sandalwood City of India’. What makes this city earn this title is the fact that it is home to the thriving sandalwood industry. This handloom industry churns numerous things from incense sticks made out of sandalwood to sandalwood oil to even the fragrant Mysore Sandal Soap which was awarded the Geological Indications status a few years ago. So much admiration and accolade has this industry won that it has been branded as the Sandalwood City of India.

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