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Best Places to Eat Rajasthani Food in Jaipur

An ostentatious state with a vibrant culture, the city of Jaipur is indeed intriguing. Not just for its beautiful forts, its stands out for its rich culinary feasts too. Borrowing from its deep tradition and the best of regal kitchens, Rajasthani cuisine is a festive mélange of different flavours; a beautiful choreography of spices & enticing aromas that leave your taste buds tantalized. Therefore, a trip to Jaipur is incomplete without a taste of the authentic cuisine of Jaipur. This blog brings out some of the best places to eat authentic Rajasthani food when you are in Jaipur.

Civil Lines

Situated in the vicinity of the enchanting Hawa Mahal, at a distance of about 6.6 km, is the bustling alley of Civil Lines. While there is plethora of eating outlets and multi-cuisine restaurants that you can explore in this area, there are also a few restaurants that specialize in typical Rajasthani dishes. Be it your craving for fiery laal maas – an appetizing mutton dish that is gently cooked with oodles of chillies, shallots, garlic and clarified butter until it is tender – or your desire to have keema bhatti – huge balls of flour that are stuffed with piquant keema that simply melts in your mouth – there’s a lot that this place has to offer.

M I Road

Merely 3.6 km away from the fascinating Jantar Mantar, a gastronomic treat awaits you at M I Road. While this boulevard has quite a few internationally acclaimed food chains to cater to your craving of fast food, it also houses some of the best places in Jaipur where you can get a taste of some of the classic Rajasthani dishes. From finger licking dal batti churma – a traditional favourite of every Rajasthani household, which is made using loads of ghee, dough balls, which is served with lentil – to mouthwatering snacks like kachoris – deep fried savory snacks made with refined flour stuffed with spicy fillings like onions or peas – there’s something for everyone.

Johari Bazaar

A favourite location of every shopaholic, Johari Bazaar has quite a few hidden gems of Rajasthani cuisine. This market houses some of the best restaurants of the city. Out of these numerous restaurants, you will also find some eating joints that bring you authentic flavours & fragrances of Rajasthan. Here, you can enjoy delicacies such as Bajre ki Roti & Ker Sangri (a kind of pickle), Mohan Maas (a rich non vegetarian dish that is cooked with milk, cardamom, khus-khus & lemon) & Gatte ki Khichri (rice cooked with dumplings made out of gram flour).

Jaleb Chowk

This area has numerous restaurants selling cuisines such as Mughlai & North Indian. However, it stands out for its Rajasthani delicacies. It also has a few restaurants with imperial décor where you can feel like a royal as you indulge in the irresistible Kalmi Vadas (cutlets made with gram flour), aam ki launji (a sweet mango pickle) and Badam ka Halwa (a sweet almond pudding).

Sindhi Camp

This place offers some of the best kachoris made with onions and pulses. It is equally famous for its flavoured lassi (a beverage made with curd) & dil Kushal (for all those who have a sweet tooth). From here, you can head to the stunning Nahargarh Fort.
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