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Why Is Bangalore Called Silicon Valley & Garden City Of India?

Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it is now called, is a vibrant city known for its upscale development. Numerous people traverse to and fro across the various nooks and corners of the city. This is hardly astounding since Bangalore is the country’s IT capital. In fact, so flourishing is the IT industry over here that Bangalore has earned the tag of being the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. However, this is not how Bangalore started its journey; for, it was once branded as the ‘garden city of India’. An interesting question that arises in this context is that how did Bangalore evolve from being the ‘garden city of the country’ to India’s very own ‘Silicon Valley’, and how did it earn these labels in the first place? Read on to unearth this city’s trajectory and the story behind these titles:

Bangalore:“The Garden City”-

According to popular belief, the 17th century Sultan Haider Ali, the father of bravado Tipu Sultan (famous for his resistance to the burgeoning power of the British which culminated in the Anglo-Mysore Wars), loved the pleasant climate of Bangalore. So fascinated was he by this city that he decided to build a garden for his beloved sister, Lal Bi. This garden still exists today and is now famous as ‘Lalbagh Gardens’. Lalbagh boasts of a rich collection of flora and fauna; in fact, it comprises of the largest collection of tropical plants in India. This fad for building gardens received an impetus during the rule of the British. Cubbon Park bears testimony to this fact. This park is known as the ‘Lungs of Bangalore’.

This fetish with gardens and jungles continues till this day. Thus, post-Independence Bangalore saw the rise of numerous green spaces like Bannerghatta Biological Park along with the mushrooming of innumerable concrete jungles.

Bangalore: “India’s Very Own Silicon Valley”-

The rise of urban conglomerations was catapulted by the fact that Bangalore is the epicenter of India’s rendezvous with the IT industry. This can be traced back to the fact that Bangalore has been the nucleus for flourishing of science. Thus, Bangalore is home to major centers like Indian Institute of Science and ISRO Satellite Centre. It should hardly astound you that Bangalore is home to the largest number of engineers in the country, according to some estimates. This provided the idyllic ambience for the brewing of a revolution in the IT industry, thereby attracting major IT companies from all over the globe. This is why Bangalore began to be equated with Silicon Valley, which is famed globally for its IT industry.

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