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In this blog post we are telling about places to visit in bangalore this weekend. Visit website to get more information about these places.
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5 Places in Bangalore to Spend a Perfect Long Weekend

The much awaited long weekend was right around the corner as the city dwellers decided to give the meeting rooms in Bangalore a break and welcomed the Dussehra celebrations with open arms.

The clock struck ten, the golden rays of the sun peeked through the French windows of my room and I woke up from my sleep. All that I could think of was how to make the most of my mini vacation! So, after a delicious breakfast, I decided to meet my school friend.

We met at Brigade Road for lunch. One of the busiest commercial streets in Bangalore, this alley had quite a few exciting things in store for us. Treating ourselves to delicious Caeser Salad, Mushroom Crostini, Greek Burger and Oreo Shakes, we went through a rollercoaster ride of reminiscences of our fond school time memories. Even after all these years, we still couldn’t stop laughing about that one time when we both didn’t study for the biology exam and failed miserably in the test. The exciting walk down the memory lane at this restaurant in Bangalore was followed by some window shopping.

After picking up some branded dresses and accessories, we headed to the Garuda Mall which is located at close proximity to Brigade Road. We bought tickets for the latest Hollywood flick – A Star is Born – along with some popcorns and cold drinks.  2 hours and 15 minutes later, we decided to make a quick stop for a cup of hot cappuccino at one of the restaurants in Bangalore located inside the mall before calling it a day. After this exhausting day, I headed home and before I knew it, I was asleep.

The next morning, I decided to head out for some sightseeing to the scenic Lalbagh Botanical Garden. The chirping of birds, the blowing of gentle breeze, the lush green ambience – this was indeed a much needed respite, away from the city’s cacophony. Said to have been established as a private garden by Hyder Ali in the year 1760, this is one of the most refreshing places to be in the city. It also houses as many as 2000 species of animal kingdom, which provided me ample opportunities for some nature photography.

The next thing on my itinerary for the day was Thottikallu Falls. After driving for about an hour, I was pleased to see the tranquil site of the falls. Flocked by a swarm of visitors, this is indeed a great meeting place in Bangalore.  The gurgling of water and the presence of my favourite travel companion, As You Wish by Jude Deveraux, made these moments pretty enchanting for me, as I watched the sun set.

The following day, I rang up my college friends and decided to meet them at one of the bars in Lavelle Road. Pints of chilled beer, delectable snacks and a night full of nostalgia, coupled with making new memories as we danced to foot tapping music kept us going. A few drinks and selfies later, we couldn’t help but laugh at our college time shenanigans. Oh, how we would give up on almost any lecture to watch the latest films in the theater next to our campus and how we would frantically study just a week before our semester exams! Friends became teachers and lengthy chapters became summaries of bullet points!

After this exciting reunion with my college buddies, I headed home to get some rest and wake up fresh the next day.

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