Royal Orchid Hotels | What are the Benefits of Hotel Loyalty Programs?
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What are the Benefits of Hotel Loyalty Programs?

Traveling to & fro across cities for work is becoming a frequent practice among travellers, given the flourishing corporate culture of the country. Staying in hotels for high profile business meetings and conclaves is the only option for such travellers. Oscillating like a pendulum between cities, people literally live out of their suitcase. With nowhere else to go, staying in a hotel is the only option that they have. This may prove to be costly and one good solution is to avail a ‘Hotel Loyalty Program’.

While hotel loyalty programmes are created to incentivize customer loyalty and are meant to augment a hotel’s business, they do have quite a few hidden treats for the guests. These programmes make it easy for frequent travellers to stay in the hotel of their choice, without having to face the hassle of looking for a hotel each time they visit a new city. Another benefit of enrolling for such an offer for the guests is that it makes their stay very affordable. Members also get to enjoy a plethora of value-added benefits. For instance, they get to enjoy free room upgrades, early check-in and late check-out and complimentary breakfast. Some of the hotels also offer other facilities such as free spa treatments and a discount on the bar prices.

One hotel chain that offers an array of benefits to regular customers is Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels. The Royal Club Membership is a welcoming experience for guests to get treated to the pleasures of fine hospitality in terms of dining, stay or entertainment at reasonable prices at any of its participating hotels. The Royal Club Membership is a pleasant experience in which members can enjoy numerous advantages at an affordable annual membership charge. The membership comes in the form of two packages: Royal Club Silver Membership (INR 3,500; all inclusive) & Royal Club Gold Membership (INR 7,500; all inclusive).

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