Royal Orchid Hotels | Why Dehradun is Called the City of Love?
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Why Dehradun is Called the City of Love?

Bordered by the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in the north and the lofty Shivaliks in the south, the pristine hill town of Dehradun has quite a few interesting facets. Situated amidst picturesque valleys (doons), Dehradun was once the abode of Sage Dronacharya and the camp (dera) for his academy. Not just that, this city finds mention in Ramayana too! Legend has it that Lord Rama performed penance in this city for killing the demonic king Ravana, a devout disciple of Lord Shiva. Today, the city has acquired a truly global character and has been given the title of – ‘City of Love’.
Bedecked with an array of scenic sites, Dehradun literally has romance in the air and is a love-struck couple’s paradise.

Robber’s Cave

One of the most favourite tourist destinations amongst youngsters, this site has a river cascading from a cave. The cold water gushing from the cave provides a relaxing ambience for couples to relax as they indulge in jovial chit-chats and playfully splash cold water on each other. The dense cover of the nearby hills accentuates its charm. This place reminds one about the beauty of life.


Literally meaning ‘thousand-fold spring’, it is a popular attraction frequented by couples as they enjoy the charming view of the rapidly falling waterfall. The hanging limestone stalactites also enhance the charm of this place and never fail to allure the visitors. For those who are feeling a little adventurous, it has a ropeway that provides beautiful views of the area.

Har ki Dun

A cradle shaped valley, Har ki Dun is a famous tourist spot nestled away from the humdrum of the city. What makes this place particularly striking is that it is unfazed by any major human interventions and is known for its spotless panoramic beauty. It offers breathtaking views since it is located at an elevation of 3,566 metres above sea level. This is the ideal place for couples to go on trekking excursions or to camp at this site.

Bali Pass

A relatively unexplored trek, it connects the Har Ki Dun Valley with Yamunotri. Situated at an elevation of about 4,800 meters, this is an exhilarating escape for any couple to capture the lofty trio of Kalanag, Bander Poonch and Swargarohini peaks. This exciting trail is not just a delight for the adventure seekers; it also has quite a surprise in store for the nature lovers– Govind National Park, housing a rich biodiversity.

Rafting in Tiuni

For all those couples who are a little adventurous, this is the perfect option. The sparkling white water of River Ton, which flows through the western part of Himalayas, gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to closely explore the wilderness of Tons Valley. This spot also has an array of camping opportunities.

Once you have explored the city, India’s very own city of love, you can drop by at Regenta LP Vilas, Dehradun. Its mesmerizing architecture is nothing less than an ode to the bygone royal era of Rajput and Mughal dynasties. In addition, it also has an array of dining options like Zafran (its multi-cuisine all day diner), COCO (its patisserie) & Unplugged (its bar).

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