Royal Orchid Hotels | Best Nearest Beach From Goa Railway Station
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Best Nearest Beach From Goa Railway Station

Goa is always abuzz with the exhilaration of animated tourists coming from the length and breadth of the nation and different global trotters. Known for its flair for panache, Goa is the pinnacle of some of the most happening parties and spectacular beaches in the nation. What accentuates the charm of this city is its accessibility from different parts of the country, particularly via the dense railway network of the country. The Madgaon Railway Station and the Vasco da Gama Railway Station are the arteries of the Railway network in Goa and located in close proximity to some splendid beaches. Some of them are:

Colva Beach

Situated nearby Madgaon Railway Station (8.2 km), Colva is one of the most prominent beaches in Goa. Shimmery silver sand, numerous hotels, pubs and restaurants to dine in having a nice ambience and scrumptious cuisine at reasonable rates, and a plethora of water sports activities including paragliding and parasailing – all go on to make it one of the most frequented beaches in South Goa.

Utorda Beach

Situated at a distance of approximately 12 km from Madgaon Railway Station, Utorda Beach is enveloped by a small rivulet and a canopy of palm trees. A good thing about this beach is that it has some of the best hotels in South Goa such as The Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa where guests can unwind after taking an evening stroll in the beach. With a wide assortment of rooms for the guests to choose from, numerous dining options and various recreational activities, this is truly one great accommodation option.

Varca Beach

At a distance of about 12.4 km from Madgaon, is the Varca Beach. Spread over an expanse of 10 km, this extensive beach is a marvelous mélange of radiating white sand dotted by black lava rocks. The beach is lined with numerous beach shacks having comfortable recliners for you to enjoy the view. It is also home to several night clubs and great hotels such as Regenta Resort. Having various rooms & suites overlooking the pool, the resort offers quite a few services like complementary Wi-Fi and delectable dining options, which makes it a nice place to stay.

Bogmalo Beach

Situated barely 3.7 km away from Vasco da Gama Railway Station, Bogmalo Beach is the ultimate blend of leisure and beauty. Located in the periphery of numerous coastal villages, it is bedecked with shacks serving authentic jewels of the native cuisine of the region. Be prepared for some Arabian Nights and fun activities like diving when you visit this beach. This beach is also a shopaholic’s paradise since it is lined with quite a few kiosks selling handcrafted Kashmiri delights and ethnic oxidized silver accessories.

Baina Beach

Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving – you name it and you get it at Baina Beach! At a distance of 4.8 km from Vasco da Gama Railway Station, the beach is the ideal space to let your hair down. All you need to do is to visit one of the spas having seasoned masseurs to pamper yourself with relaxing Ayurvedic therapies. Or, you could head to nearby tourist points such as Pilot View Point, which is a harbor point of Goa.

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