Royal Orchid Hotels | Things to Consider Before Booking a Wedding Resort in Goa
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Things to Consider Before Booking a Wedding Resort in Goa

Winter has come and so has the wedding season! The fervor of weddings is already in the air with numbers like “Aa to Sahi” doing endless rounds. In order to jazz up the whole scene, add a destination to your wedding and you have yourself a rocking deal. While we are on it, there’s no better place than Goa to go plan one. Breath-taking ocean views and a fairly pleasant weather and sandy beaches make for the perfect location that one can think of for a sweet romantic union of two souls.
But weddings require careful planning; more so if it is in a totally different city from your own. The most important part of this planning entails selection of the right venue; for it is here that all your functions and festivities would take place. We are here to help you plan the nitty-gritties around your dream destination wedding – 5 things to consider before booking a wedding resort in Goa.

The D Day

One thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing the suitable resort in Goa is that during the wedding season, the popular hotels and resorts tend to be booked way ahead of time and, hence, are either unavailable or super, expensive. So choose the date wisely and book your resort and travel tickets in advance. Make sure that you book an additional room to avoid any last minute logistic hassles.

The Location

While getting married against by the waves and the swinging of palm trees has a charm of its own, you could also keep in mind a few other options like a temple or a Church wedding followed by a grand reception at the resort. Your venue should ideally have a large banquet hall or lawns with an in-house DJ to make the night even more memorable for the couple.

The Guest List

This is very important to make sure that you don’t forget to invite all the chachis and mamis and tayas and bhaiyas! Nothing spoils the flavor of a wedding more than an angry relative whom you forgot to invite! Moreover, you need to know the exact numbers to book the rooms, place an order for food, arrange souvenirs and what not!

The Décor

The décor can either be simple and demure or lavish and extravagant, depending on your budget and the theme for the functions. Sangeet is one occasion where you can play around with themes like the ‘60s Bollywood, or a qawwali night. Interesting designs by henna artists, performance by local music bands, dance-off between the kith and kin of the soon to be married couple and a steady flow of good drinks can make the night a delight for all the guests.

The Newport Dunes offers wedding ceremonies on the beach with beautiful floral displays. Contact the catering department for details.

The Photographer

While the day of the wedding comes once in your lifetime, the pictures last forever. So it’s essential that you book the right wedding photographer. You must look at the samples to get a fair sense of their work. Also, you can zero in on a good photographer from your own city so that they can capture not just all the precious moments of the wedding but rather right from the time you board the flight to Goa. Also, he’d turn out to be more economical than a photographer from Goa. Plan a pre-wedding shoot at the location, making use of the resort you’re staying at, along with the pretty beaches and the beautiful forts of Goa.

Voila! Here we are, to the wedding day. Now just sit and enjoy! Although, we’ll help you ease the burden with our WOW Wedding Packages that are custom-made according to your requirements. Marry Now, Pay Later- that’s the motto we follow. So, just plan your celebration at Royal Orchid Hotels and we’ll take care of every little detail for you.

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