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Tourist places between Bangalore and Mysore

Travellers anchoring in the southern part of India have so many options that they end up exploring only the places of interest in the major cities of the region. The majority of precious gems that have largely remained unexplored are located in smaller pockets of the states. We have made a list of interesting tourist places in such hidden pockets that lie in the state of Karnataka. We recommend you to take a road trip from the IT city of Bangalore to the cultural hub of Mysore and pay all these a visit. Happy scouting!

1. Bidadi

This is the perfect amalgamation of an industrial town, a centre of entertainment and a culinary hub. Located just 34 km from Bangalore, Bidadi hosts amusement parks and film studios that were launched in 2008 as Innovative Film city. The Film City also has a 21-screen multiplex, museums of Guiness Book of World records, Dinosaur world and a wax museum. Besides these, the city is also the hub for industrial brands like, Toyota, Bosch, Britannia and Coca Cola.

2. Ramanagara

Located some 50 km from the Bangalore city lies the city of Ramanagara that is popularly called the silk town of Karnataka. The famous Mysore silk sources its raw material from this region, and this is the largest market for silk cocoons in Asia. If you’re a fan of Bollywood classics then you’d be intrigued to know that large parts of the Hindi legend Sholay was shot in this area. This is also home to India’s sole Vulture sanctuary.

3. Kanva Reservoir

Listing a water reservoir in one of the best tourist locations in the state of Karnataka in itself is a statement. It’s an artificial lake located at a distance of 61 km from Bangalore, formed by the damming of the Kanva river. It is surrounded by thickly wooded trees that are perfect for bird watching.

4. Channapatna

If those beautiful wooden toys have piqued your interest, this is where they are made. Famous for wooden toys and lacquerware, the town has an elevation of 2,500 ft. which is almost as high as Imphal, in Manipur. Originally made from ivory, the toys are now made from a wide variety of wood, including teak, rose, pine and cedar. Also close to the town are a series of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna built in the Chola period.

5. Kokkare Bellur Pakshi Dham

Located midway between Bangalore and Mysore, the village is named after the painted stork called kakkore in Kannada language. It is one of the 21 breeding in India for the painted storks and spotpilled pelicans. The storks have been adopted as the heritage for the town owing to the phosphorous and potassium rich manure obtained from the bird. This is a paradise for all bird watchers.

6. Srirangapatna

Located just 15 km from Mysore, this town in the Mandya district of Karnataka is famous for its religious, cultural and historic heritage. The 9th century Ranganathaswamy temple is a marvellous combination of Hoysala and Vijayanagar style of temple architecture. There are several buildings from medieval and modern times that are beautiful and speak volumes of the interesting history of the place.

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